General Questions

What is Luster? 
Luster is a development platform that makes it easy for designers and developers to create interactive 3D applications and for everyone to experience them.
How can I learn more about developing content and applications for Luster Player? 
Visit the Luster Developer Center for the latest articles and information on developing for the Luster Player runtime.
How can I request a feature for a future version of Luster Player? 
We're always improving Luster, and we try to incorporate the best feature ideas from the community into each release. You can submit feature requests via email so that the development team can evaluate them. Send all requests to
Which platforms and browsers currently support Luster Player? 
Luster Player is currently supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 (Leopard and Snow Leopard). We're in the process of finalizing plugins for major browsers on these platforms so that Luster 3D applications can be embedded directly in web pages. We are also working on a native Linux client. Currently we have had success running Luster on Linux using Wine.
What if I have questions, bugs, or feedback? 
We love to get feedback. You can email us at If you are reporting a bug please send us the luster.log and ogre.log files that are created in the application folder (if they exist).