Tutorials and Articles

We're hard at work putting together a large repository of knowledge and resources that both the beginning and advanced Luster developer can benefit from. We can help you build your very first Luster application or an advanced one that utilizes the latest technologies available today. The Luster Developers Center is well on it's way to being completed, and we appreciate your patience while we tie together all the loose ends. In the meantime, check out some of the features we have planned for you below!

Tutorial Series

The tutorial series will take a developer through the creation of a full application, from start to finish, teaching important concepts of various systems in the process.

Technology Demo Walkthroughs

These walkthroughs explain in great detail the code used to create the Technology Demos that are packaged with Luster.

Shader Examples

A collection of Shader files developed in various shader languages and implemented in Luster. These can be used in projects directly or can serve as references for writing your own shader.


These articles cover a single topic in Luster.

General Tweening Animations Physics
  • Getting Started with Physics
  • Shapes and Bodies
  • Forces
  • Joints
  • Triggers and Force Fields
  • Raycasting
  • Playing Sound
  • Positional Sound
  • Streaming Files
  • Client Server
  • Object Replication