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Blocks, a physics-based puzzle game

This is a polished demo of a game we've been working on. We have so many ideas for making this an amazing game, but we wanted to get it out there so that people could try the basic gameplay. Blocks is the kind of game that is casual, fun, challenging, and competitive at the same time.

Blocks is a 2-button navigation puzzle game. The puzzle is the level layout, not unlike a maze. Navigate the maze with your platform and carry the precious crate to the magic island destination. You can only use one side of thrusters on the platform at a time. Get the crate to the finish any way you can! Drop it, throw it, slide it, push it, or crash it.

Since Blocks is a such a passion for us, we will probably be updating it regularly with new features and levels. Next on the list is sound. Watch our Twitter feed for updates.

If you like Blocks let us know. We're looking to develop this game further and your support is appreciated. If you think it could be better let us know how. We love great input.


  • Esc - Skip Intro / Access Main Menu
  • Left-Click - Activate Left Thruster
  • Right-Click - Activate Right Thruster
  • Arrow Left - Activate Left Thruster
  • Arrow Right - Activate Right Thruster
  • R - Restart Current Level